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Indonesia with tropical forests as a source of natural wealth that produces wood for the needs of human life.

Our products are cultivated from government certified plantation controlled by Perhutani State Forestry, processing it from logs into building materials such as boards, beams, plywood, doors, withered floors, ceilings, stair railings, decorations, etc.

We are ready to work with contractors and building owners. Minimum order for one truck or one container 20 feets.

Wood for Furniture and as building material

Wood is one of the basic materials used for buildings and housing.

In ancient times our parents made houses from wood that grow in the yard.

Wood houses maintain a fresh and cool atmosphere - without air conditioning or fans - because wood contains a lot of water which is absorbed by the roots when it rains while the tree is still standing upright.

Because of that wood absorbs the heat of the sun and protect us, if we use woods as protection in our life - like an umbrella that resembles a tree.

Under a roof made of wood, called a shingle roof, one will feel cooler than under an asbestos roof. Buildings made of wood will provide a more enjoyable climate than buildings made of steel, asbestos or plastic.

Therefore, in this modern era, many people return to nature to more live like our ancestors, by building the wooden houses such as villas, traditional houses or modern minimalist-style buildings filled with wooden elements, such as vertical or horizontal lines on buildings made of wood, earthquake-resistant poles, wood floors, fences, etc..

In addition to building materials wood is also used to make furniture.

Wood is even also used to make bridges, wharves, railways, boats, etc..

Types of wood that are often used as building material include: Iron wood, Merbau, Bengkirai, Teak, etc..

Whereas to construct furniture usualy Teak, Mahogany, Sonokeling, Acacia, etc. is used.

Apart from spending beautiful colors and grains those kind of woods are also durable and easy to shape.

And as an historian once said:

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Wood is one of the greatest and most necessary things in the world which people need and cannot do without.
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Joachim Radkau

Based on that philosophy PT. ToBe Utama Indonesia brings the nature into your life - with furniture and building materials made of woods.

Timber Wood as Building Material: Teak, Mahogany, Meranti, Bengkirai..


  • Wood Logs & Timber Wood

    We provide logs of teak, mahogany, trembesi and other types of wood.

    The logs we sell are official Indonesian government timber.

    Teak wood is one of the best woods in the world, because it has a class II strength level and a class I level of durability against wood pests. Another advantage is that it has a very good fiber texture, so it is admired and widely used by the people of Indonesia and the world, for indoor and outdoor furniture, as decoration, for handicrafts and art materials, as home materials for durability and so on.

    The logs we sell are of various diameters and lengths which vary according to order.

    Contact us for details and availability.

  • Planks & Decking/Flooring

    We provide wooden boards such as teak, mahogany, trembesi wood and other wood.

    The condition of the wooden boards can be made according to order. Such as rough cut, 1 side fine cut, 2 side smooth, 3 side smooth or 4 side smooth, or with a polish finish.

    The wooden boards we use and sell are official Indonesian government wood. The wood we use is grade A (super) wood. We process it using modern machines from cutting to finishing. That is done by our professionals to produce the best wooden boards.

    One of the best woods in the world is teak wood. It's widely used by various people because it has an attractive and very good fiber texture. It also has a level II hardness and level I durability so it lasts for a long period of time.

    Teak wood is used for various purposes, e.g. for furniture, floors, walls, houses, sculptures and as decoration.

    Teak wood can give the impression of comfort, beauty and health. Because of the nature of the wood it can keep the room temperature warm in winter and cool in summer.

    In addition to its natural appearance, teak wood is also very health-promoting, especially for floors, because warm teak wood has positive effects on foot health and stimulates blood circulation in the body.

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