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  • Outdoor

    Everyone like to be outdoors in the nature - together with our organic outdoor furniture.

    We provide garden chairs and dining tables that can be folded, lounge chairs with arms and a laptop table that is easy to carry, making it easier for you to work anywhere.

    Suitable for Youtubers who often do outdoor activities, practical for camping or for drinking coffee in the yard. Made of teak wood with a beautiful pattern and water resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use.

    In addition, we also provide Flooring, Decking, Pergola and Gazebo made of Teak, Bengkirai and other Kalimantan woods.

  • Garden

    Transform your outdoor space with the best garden furniture from teak wood and rattan of Indonesia.

    Teak, Rattan and even Roots furniture is the best materials for the Garden. We made it as the tables, chairs, gazebos, swings, fences and gates, etc.

    Decorate your yard with our handcrafted garden furniture.

    We make gazebos, swings, fences, tables and chairs from teak wood. Also tables and chairs from teak root and rattan furniture for outdoor. We sell our stock for retails and accept orders for a minimum order one 20 feet of container.

    Spend your time with your family living and working from home in a beautiful garden with the beauty of our teak wood or trembesi furniture.

  • Terrace

    Create a comfortable atmosphere with various tables and chairs that are suitable for your terrace.

    Pergolas, fences, wooden floors, tables and chairs, plant racks, etc., for terraces and balconies of homes, hotels and buildings.

    We make it according to customer requirements. We accept orders with the design you brought, or with the design we have. We will produce it with or without finishing. Minimum order one container 20 feets.

    ToBe Utama make a comfortable design for sitting on the terrace with furniture made of teak or trembesi which is resistant to water and weather.

  • Living Room

    Make your family room more natural with our handcrafted wooden furniture.

    Talk about the living room, not only about chairs or sofas and coffe tables, but also sideboards, shelves, mirrors, flower pots and accessories.

    We make it according to customer requirements. We accept orders with the design you brought, or with the design we have. We will produce it with or without finishing.
    We are ready to work with traders, factories, developers, contractors, hotel owners, appartments, and home owners.
    Minimum order one container 20 feets. Also we sell our stocks for retails.

    Make stay at home more enjoyable with wooden furniture or mebel and beauty of decorations while sitting on a comfortable sofa with your family.

  • Dining Room

    The dining table with wooden tableware will present a beautiful view and unique.

    Find furniture ideas for the dining room that are suitable for your home with us here.

    We are ready to serve orders from hotels, restaurants and private homes for dining tables, chairs, trays, cutlery, cutting boards, troly, sideboards, ashtrays, flower pots, tablecloths, foam and chair covers, etc.

    We make it according to customer requirements. We accept orders with the design you brought, or with the design we have.
    We are also ready to supply traders or cooperate with contractors. We will produce it with or without finishing.
    Minimum order is one 20 feet container or retail for available stock items.

    Dining will be more enjoyable with beautiful tables and decorations. ToBe Utama creates sturdy wooden tables with beautiful chairs giving you wellness.

  • Bedroom
    A bedroom furnished with some nice wooden furniture.

    The bedroom is a very important part of the house for resting and sleeping. In addition, some people use the place to study or work.

    In making the room more comfortable and neat, we recommend you the furniture that you must have in your room.

    A Dressing Table That Makes a Room Look Luxurious

    A wooden dressing table with mirror and a small chair in front of it.

    Dressing table is a table for someone to decorate themselves, usually placed in a room in the form of a table with drawers and a mirror.

    Dressing table can add to the aesthetic value of your room, because it looks sleek and fun. In addition, this dressing table is perfect for you to make your dream room.

    With a beautiful dressing table in your room, your life will be more fulfilling, and the life you live will also be more tidy.

    Another wooden dressing table with mirror.

    Dressing table with carving style and bright colors manifest this dressing table something that looks luxurious and has positive value.

    Buyers should also consider the area and shape of a vanity set with mirror if they want give rise to the bedroom feel like it has more space.

    Wooden Bed That Makes Sleep More Restful

    A wooden bed with mosquito net.

    Sleeping in a comfortable bed is useful for our sleep more satisfied and starting the morning very excited.

    Raw version of a just created new wooden bed.

    Wooden beds with artistic designs perpetrate it our priority to serve customers as kings. The wood we use is made of teak or mahogany. The effect of the wood creating the bed keeps it cool and cool, and manifest the room look very beautiful. Wooden bed with a touch of traditional carvings carved by professional carvers will give a pleasant impression.

    Java style bed made of dark wood.

    Sleeping in bed is the dream of all of us. Made of wood makes the room cooler, and traditional carvings give the impression of harmony in your room.

    Nightstands that Help You Reach Items only from The Bed

    Unfinished nightstand with drawer made of very light wood.

    A small table that is usually placed in the corner of the room, with drawers filled with various room or other necessities.

    A nightstand with a round or square shape is useful in a room to fill it with items of a certain size. The nightstand also has a positive value in the room, which is helping to reach objects from the bed in the room. On the nightstand you can put items such as flower vases, and others to add accessories to your room.

    With so many sizes and nightstand designs, you will definitely choose the one that fits best in your room.

    Wooden Cabinets can Spruce Up Your Room more than You Expect

    Bali style wardrobe with complex carvings.

    In the bedroom or room there is usually a wooden cupboard containing clothes, books, or jewelry.

    Closets have wider storage than nightstands, cupboards are also always in the room to be used as very useful objects in the room. The Balinese carved wardrobe is carved with traditional Javanese and Balinese touches which renders the cabinet very popular with artists because of its very attractive design. The cabinets that we make have been designed by experts so that the cupboard has a sufficient and strong area for the items to be put in it.

    A wardrobe with two integrated drawers underneath.

    Buyers also have to pay attention to their needs, how many drawers in the wardrobe they need, and how big the size of the wardrobe, it will be adjusted to our side.

    Wardrobe is a bedroom furniture set that can give a lot of style to a room. Closets are very suitable for clothes, and provide room in the bedroom to outsmart more space.

  • Bathroom

    Not just a shower, a bathroom decorated with natural stone and wood combined with the element of water will make you lose stress.

    We are ready to supply bathroom needs such as sinks made of natural stone, marble, river stone and terrazzo.

    Also wooden cabinets, towel racks, mirrors, soap holders, shampoo bottles, towels, hotel slippers and mats.
    We accept orders with the design you brought, or with the design we have.
    We are ready to work with traders, developers, contractors, hotel owners, appartments, and home owners.

  • Accessories

    The beauty of a house is not perfect without decorations and accessories.

    That's why we create accessories with high artistic value for every corner of your home by our handy crafts collections.

    We produce decorative accessories made from wood such as: Sculptures, reliefs, calligraphy, carvings, wall shelves, mirrors, cellphone holders, flower pots, jewelry boxes, pencil holders, tissue boxes, key chains and key hangers, cake and chocolate boxes, etc..
    We will make it according to your request or with the design we have.

  • Building Materials

    Building materials are generally used for construction. Many naturally occurring substances, such as clay, rocks, sand, wood, and even twigs and leaves, have been used to construct buildings.

    Wood is a renewable resource and has been used as a building material for thousands of years. The ability of trees or plants to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) with the help of sunlight and to release oxygen is elementary for all life on earth.

    If native wood is used in construction, the transport distances and the energy required to provide and prepare it are low. When wood products are recycled for energy at the end of their life, they can even provide more energy than was consumed in their manufacture. In the process, only as much CO2 is released as the tree absorbed, i.e. bound, during its growth.

    We do not only sell wood as building material but mainly Planks, Beams, Doors, Windows, Flooring, Decking, etc. so have a look what else you can find in this category Building Materials.

  • Woods

    Indonesia with tropical forests as a source of natural wealth that produces wood for the needs of human life.

    Our products are cultivated from government certified plantation controlled by Perhutani State Forestry, processing it from logs into building materials such as boards, beams, plywood, doors, withered floors, ceilings, stair railings, decorations, etc.

    We are ready to work with contractors and building owners. Minimum order for one truck or one container 20 feets.

    Wood for Furniture and as building material

    Wood is one of the basic materials used for buildings and housing.

    In ancient times our parents made houses from wood that grow in the yard.

    Wood houses maintain a fresh and cool atmosphere - without air conditioning or fans - because wood contains a lot of water which is absorbed by the roots when it rains while the tree is still standing upright.

    Because of that wood absorbs the heat of the sun and protect us, if we use woods as protection in our life - like an umbrella that resembles a tree.

    Under a roof made of wood, called a shingle roof, one will feel cooler than under an asbestos roof. Buildings made of wood will provide a more enjoyable climate than buildings made of steel, asbestos or plastic.

    Therefore, in this modern era, many people return to nature to more live like our ancestors, by building the wooden houses such as villas, traditional houses or modern minimalist-style buildings filled with wooden elements, such as vertical or horizontal lines on buildings made of wood, earthquake-resistant poles, wood floors, fences, etc..

    In addition to building materials wood is also used to make furniture.

    Wood is even also used to make bridges, wharves, railways, boats, etc..

    Types of wood that are often used as building material include: Iron wood, Merbau, Bengkirai, Teak, etc..

    Whereas to construct furniture usualy Teak, Mahogany, Sonokeling, Acacia, etc. is used.

    Apart from spending beautiful colors and grains those kind of woods are also durable and easy to shape.

    And as an historian once said:

    Icon begin of quote
    Wood is one of the greatest and most necessary things in the world which people need and cannot do without.
    Icon end of quote

    Joachim Radkau

    Based on that philosophy PT. ToBe Utama Indonesia brings the nature into your life - with furniture and building materials made of woods.

  • Doors

    The door is a place where there is room.

    The door is also a value in your home.

    With a wooden door installed in the room and shaped and decorated in such a way, it becomes one of the satisfactions of the owner of the house. In addition to single doors, and two doors (Kupu Tarung) we also have doors typical of Bali, Jakarta, and Java Indonesia from Teak, Mahogany, Sungkai, Kamper, Meranti etc. along with the frames, with carvings typical of the Indonesian region that can enhance the aesthetics and value. a building.

    We are ready to supply the needs of hotels, houses and the needs of contractors to support your project. Even our carpenters are ready to do the installation if needed.

  • Stairs

    Stairs are the most important factor in a room to give the impression of the building you dream of, both for the Modern Minimalist style or the luxurious Classical style.

    ToBe Utama gave some ideas for Stair Railings and Stair Traps made of Camphor, Teak, Mahogany and Acacia wood which are used as Fences, Handrails and Floors for the stairs.

    We also accept custom orders with the model and size you want. We are ready to work with interior designers, architects, contractors and building owners to supply your project needs.

    Please consult our Customer Service for ordering and installation if needed.

  • Kids
  • Art

    Our love for wood and the beauty of the carvings sculpted by our sculptors, produce extraordinary works of art.

    Our sculptors from Java and Bali with their expertise produce extraordinary works of sculpture, relief, calligraphy and carvings on furniture.
    ToBe Utama brings it for you with love...

    The beauty of art's created by our sculptors. Hand carved wood sculptures, traditional indonesian sculptures and statues of java art will inspire you.

  • All Products in Stock

    Whatever furniture you want is available here. Tables, chairs, beds, mirrors, cabinets and others.

    All of our stocks can be purchased at retails. Some of the stocks are examples of displays and some of them are warehouse stocks. There may defact, maybe not. Please contact us for more details before paying, we will send you a details photo of the defective part if any, to avoid any misunderstanding between us.

    Some items we make in bulk. Prices listed are retail prices for existing items. Please contact us for orders in large quantities. We can make the same models for bulk orders.

    Please check our full collection by clicking "Products -> All Products" at the end of the page.

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