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Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is a very important part of the house for resting and sleeping. In addition, some people use the place to study or work.

In making the room more comfortable and neat, we recommend you the furniture that you must have in your room.

A Dressing Table That Makes a Room Look Luxurious

A wooden dressing table with mirror and a small chair in front of it.

Dressing table is a table for someone to decorate themselves, usually placed in a room in the form of a table with drawers and a mirror.

Dressing table can add to the aesthetic value of your room, because it looks sleek and fun. In addition, this dressing table is perfect for you to make your dream room.

With a beautiful dressing table in your room, your life will be more fulfilling, and the life you live will also be more tidy.

Another wooden dressing table with mirror.

Dressing table with carving style and bright colors manifest this dressing table something that looks luxurious and has positive value.

Buyers should also consider the area and shape of a vanity set with mirror if they want give rise to the bedroom feel like it has more space.

Wooden Bed That Makes Sleep More Restful

A wooden bed with mosquito net.

Sleeping in a comfortable bed is useful for our sleep more satisfied and starting the morning very excited.

Raw version of a just created new wooden bed.

Wooden beds with artistic designs perpetrate it our priority to serve customers as kings. The wood we use is made of teak or mahogany. The effect of the wood creating the bed keeps it cool and cool, and manifest the room look very beautiful. Wooden bed with a touch of traditional carvings carved by professional carvers will give a pleasant impression.

Java style bed made of dark wood.

Sleeping in bed is the dream of all of us. Made of wood makes the room cooler, and traditional carvings give the impression of harmony in your room.

Nightstands that Help You Reach Items only from The Bed

Unfinished nightstand with drawer made of very light wood.

A small table that is usually placed in the corner of the room, with drawers filled with various room or other necessities.

A nightstand with a round or square shape is useful in a room to fill it with items of a certain size. The nightstand also has a positive value in the room, which is helping to reach objects from the bed in the room. On the nightstand you can put items such as flower vases, and others to add accessories to your room.

With so many sizes and nightstand designs, you will definitely choose the one that fits best in your room.

Wooden Cabinets can Spruce Up Your Room more than You Expect

Bali style wardrobe with complex carvings.

In the bedroom or room there is usually a wooden cupboard containing clothes, books, or jewelry.

Closets have wider storage than nightstands, cupboards are also always in the room to be used as very useful objects in the room. The Balinese carved wardrobe is carved with traditional Javanese and Balinese touches which renders the cabinet very popular with artists because of its very attractive design. The cabinets that we make have been designed by experts so that the cupboard has a sufficient and strong area for the items to be put in it.

A wardrobe with two integrated drawers underneath.

Buyers also have to pay attention to their needs, how many drawers in the wardrobe they need, and how big the size of the wardrobe, it will be adjusted to our side.

Wardrobe is a bedroom furniture set that can give a lot of style to a room. Closets are very suitable for clothes, and provide room in the bedroom to outsmart more space.

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