Not just a shower, a bathroom decorated with natural stone and wood combined with the element of water will make you lose stress.

We are ready to supply bathroom needs such as sinks made of natural stone, marble, river stone and terrazzo.

Also wooden cabinets, towel racks, mirrors, soap holders, shampoo bottles, towels, hotel slippers and mats.
We accept orders with the design you brought, or with the design we have.
We are ready to work with traders, developers, contractors, hotel owners, appartments, and home owners.

Bathroom Interior Fixtures and Luxury Accessories


  • Washbasin / Sink

    Washbasins or sinks made of natural stone, terrazzo and marble.

    We are ready to supply traders, contractors, hotel owners, appartments, villas, and home owners. We also sell units for available stock items. Please contact us for stock availability and for orders in large quantities.

    Made it from natural of stones and marbles.

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