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This traditional Indonesian rice basket is very natural because it is made of woven bamboo made by skilled Indonesian residents.
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Traditional Handmade Bamboo Basket for Keep Rice, Fruits and Any Kinds of Food

Saturated with luxury, many restaurants turn to natural to attract customers. In addition to a place that uses a lot of wood and natural stone elements, the furniture is also an attraction, one of which is a rice basket made of bamboo. This basket is typical of villages in Indonesia, so many city people who miss the feel of a village, choose to enjoy kitchen furniture and tableware made of natural materials such as wood and bamboo. The bamboo baskets are woven by craftsmen's hands without using a machine. The cool and strong nature of bamboo is chosen as a basket so that the food does not go stale and is durable to use. In addition to storing rice, baskets are also used to store fruit and rice. The price is relatively cheap compared to kitchenware made of ceramic and shatterproof. Have it for your home collection or to give something different to your restaurant.
Bakul Nasi
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