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jackfruit cutting board
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Jackfruit Cutting Board

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Jackfruit wood is very hard and strong, so it is durable to use as a chopping board, both for meat traders and for household needs.
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Wooden Cutting Boards Made of Hard Jackfruit Wood for Cutting Meat and Serving Food

Jackfruit wood in addition to having a bright yellow color, also has a high level of hardness so that it is durable for use as building materials, doors, furniture, etc. That's why we chose it to be made into a cutting board as one of the craft collections that we made. In Indonesia, meat and vegetable traders use jackfruit wood for cutting mats. In addition to durable in use, the price is also relative low compare to other hardwoods. However, due to the limited number of trees, this wood is not widely found in the market. We also bought trees from villagers to make crafts and furniture. We serve retail sales and orders that are not too much for this type of wood. Available stock without finishing, it takes a few days for finishing, quality control and packing before shipping. For non-retail orders, depending on the number of orders. Please discuss with our customer service to ensure the availability of goods, by clicking on the whats app image on the website.
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