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Mouse Phone Holder

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This mobile phone accessories are anti-damage even if they are dropped and stepped on. Unique design like a computer mouse, made from hard wood. Enjoy watching YouTube without holding a cellphone.
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Phone Holders Computer Mouse Design Made of Solid Wood for Weeding Souvenirs and Birthday Gift

To please their children, parents are willing to buy expensive items as gifts. New clothes, educational toys, school supplies and gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets are the current hits. Mobile is something that can hardly be left behind. In addition to communicating, school from home also requires mobile phones for online study advice. The large size of the cellphone for children, often makes their hands sore because they have to hold the cellphone continuously while studying. In fact, not only for studying, but they also like to play games and watch YouTube which is a hobby for millennials today. To prevent fatigue from holding a cellphone, Craft & Art Indonesia created a cellphone holder so that children can still move comfortably. Phone holders made of wood are safe, environmentally friendly and will not be damaged compared to accessories made of plastic. Also the shape is like a computer mouse, children will definitely like it. Here, you can get good stuff at cheap prices. Because we produce our own goods that are sold in online stores such as Tokopedia with the store name ToBeU as well as offline stores located in Taman Techno BSD under the name Craft & Art Indonesia. In the workshop, you can see for yourself the manufacturing process and you can order the items you want. There is a lot of wood here, because apart from producing handicrafts, we also produce furniture which is usually marketed to Expats in Indonesia and also exports. Also a great idea for wedding favors or souvenirs in schools and communities. We can engrave your name and logo on these items. So, by shopping here you will not only get what you want at factory prices, but also your child can learn how their gifts are made. This is a good lesson for them so that they love nature and natural goods more. So, for those of you who are hunting for unique gifts, here is the best choice for you and your family. We serve retail sales and are ready to supply in large quantities for handicraft traders or event organizers.
Alas Handphone Model Mouse Komputer
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